We offer a complete range of skips for hire, Roll-on-off, Hook lift, Compactors and Lidded from 15 to 60 cubic yards

Our versatility and ability to customise our service to each customer’s requirements has given us the opportunity to service a range of high profile blue chip companies from leading manufacturers to local authorities and councils. Our drivers can wait while you fill one of our skips or exchange your full skip for an empty one.

  • 15 – 60 Cubic Yard Skips
  • Enclose Skips
  • Open Top Skips
  • Compactors
  • Sealed Skips for Liquids
  • Lidded asbestos skips

Example Skips:

RO/RO 15 yd3
11.46 m3
8’2″ x  20′ x 5’4″
2.5m x 6.1m x 1.0m
RO/RO 20 yd3
15.3 m3
7’9″ x  20′ x 6’1″
2.4m x 6.1m x 1.95m
RO/RO 25 yd3
19.1 m3
7’8″ x  19’2″ x 8’8″
2.38m x 5.86m x 2.68m
RO/RO 30 yd3
23.0 m3
7’9″ x  20′ x 7’9″
2.4m x 6.1m x 2.4m
RO/RO 35 yd3
26.8 m3
7’9″ x  19′ x 6’6″
2.4m x 6.0m x 2.65m
RO/RO 40 yd3
30.6 m3
8′ x  19’9″ x 8’3″
2.45m x 6.0m x 2.5m
 new skip